Tender sector

The King Company is active in tenders announced by government agencies and international organizations in the fields of health, education and the scientific sector. The company has carried out many projects in these areas that included supporting humanitarian relief work in Yemen through United Nations organizations and international organizations. The King Company works in tenders for international organizations, government tenders and the United Nations The King Company covers the following areas:

  • Medical Tenders

  • Pharmaceutical Tenders

  • Water & Toiletries Tenders

  • Agricultural labor tenders and quality control
  • Equipping school laboratories and educational projects

Our most important customers

The company got accredited as a certification organization within the few reliable Yemeni companies, and among our most important customers:


Med air

AlKair Foundation

World Health Organization

Charity Qatar

Relife International


Rescue organization

Islamic Help

Qatar Red Crescent

International Red Cross