Technical support

Technical support

The company has a technical support team specialized in the field of bioengineering working around the clock.

In view of the great importance of after-sales services that start from the process of installation and training for technical cadres and then after-sales services to ensure continuity in the efficiency of the devices we are training technical staff in the field of technical support and application with the companies we represent periodically working with the company with a minimum of five engineers to ensure service arrival For all clients.

The company is currently working on developing a system that enables customers to submit complaints and service requests from engineers through applications in the mobile to facilitate access to the service and offer complaints first-hand.

Quality control system

At King Company, we work hard to achieve quality requirements from the beginning of selecting partners and products to storage and distribution. We have a special employee to control quality, monitor performance and set standards that suit the requirements of international organizations and donors.

We are one of the few companies that obtained the accreditation of the French company Coamid as a provider of pharmaceutical products to international organizations working in Yemen