Company sectors

Company sectors

The company’s services have expanded to many areas, such as the education sector, the pharmaceutical industry, and the scientific sector.

Pharmaceutical industries

The King Company provides services to the drug producers sector in Yemen through its partnerships with reputable international companies

We represent the Swiss LONZA company, which is one of the most important companies for poison inspection in intravenous infusions, and it is trusted by the Food and Drug Authority Lab in Yemen and Yemeni pharmaceutical companies that manufacture intravenous solutions

We also represent Thermolab Company, which offers various products, the most important of which is the manufacture of stabilization testing rooms. The company has installed incubators ready in Edco, as well as building incubators and special rooms for testing stability in the Al-Jabal Pharmaceutical Factory and the Yemeni Egyptian Pharmaceutical Company in Sanaa.

The pharmaceutical sector

The company represents a group of companies in the pharmaceutical sector such as the Obi Pharmaceutical Company – Egypt – OPI PHARAM and the company is also the only representative of the IDA foundation and is the main partner for most international organizations and donors to provide the needs of the drug with the highest possible quality and the lowest cost available

Medical supplies

In this field, the company provides a set of supplies and consumables for medical laboratories, such as blood tubes and other consumables and medical injections. We represent the Italian company Fakutest and the Chinese company Fuyan, which holds an MFL brand and has quality certificates such as the European Quality Certificate and the American Food and Drug Certificate – FDA.