Our products

The company started its ambitious activity in the beginning of 2008 as an emerging company and became, within a few years, one of the pioneering companies and a major player in the marketing of medical and laboratory products, and today the company represents a group of leading international companies in its field


The digestive system and the intestine

Our company offers distinguished products that contribute to the successful diagnosis of the most important problems of the digestive system and the intestine. Our company has always been the first in providing new and innovative products from highly trusted sources in the market…

General blood tests devices

The French company, Huraiba, is the world leader in the production and marketing of blood testing devices, known worldwide as a major player in developing blood testing devices from its beginnings and still to this day providing devices and models that meet the needs of customers

Match the tissues and move the organs

The King Company is the pioneer company in providing member inspection services that match the members in Yemen and provides its services to the most important government and private laboratories and hospitals that provide this service through our main partner, the German BAG Healthcare Company

Biochemistry devices

Horriba company offers suitable models for large and medium laboratories, and one of the most important models is the Pentra 400, and the Heriba devices in the field of biochemistry have great and international confidence that made them one of the ten best international companies in this field.

Coagulation devices

As a reliable source, Herriba products have recently expanded to cover the need of laboratories in the field of blood clotting tests, which is one of the most important tests in large laboratories and hospitals, and needs accuracy and highly efficient products, whether in solutions or devices.

Immunological examinations

Wehlu Company emerged from the city of technologies – Shenzhen – in China to provide innovative integrated solutions in the field of immunological examinations through products with unique properties represented by robust, fast and multiple devices that perform a wide range of laboratory analyzes


P&E Company has provided a product to measure blood ions, through the technology of a microcensor, which is a modern technology that avoids the use of electrodes…

PCR - Sequential Interaction Technology

The PCR chain reaction technique is considered one of the most accurate methods in laboratory diagnostics for various diseases.